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Coordination of plant factories using only artificial lights,M2 Solution Co., Ltd.

We serve people around the world who like Japan and wish to eat healthy food.

The harvested vegetables - 1 The harvested vegetables - 2

We are seeking to launch an indoor faming business overseas by building completely-enclosed plant factories that grow vegetables under artificial lights, an area of technology in which Japan is the forerunner.

We will grow fresh and tasty leaf vegetables in overseas locations for stable supply for local customers. We plan to start producing functional vegetables, Western herbs, and pharmaceutical raw materials in 2020.

We are looking for countries and regions all over the world where products can be sold at an ex-factory price of €15 (including value added taxes). After having tried and failed to launch a project in Nanjing, China, we have studied opportunities in Southeast Asia. We are now focusing on Europe as our target.

For Japanese companies
We invite Japanese investors.
For foreign companies
We invite business proposals and investments from companies from countries or regions falling in the above criteria.

When local production begins, we will provide consulting services.
For each service, we charge prescribed referral and consultant fees.

If the amount of investment offered exceeds the amount of funds required by the operating company, we may ask investors to wait for the next time around.

Plant factory units will be manufactured by Taikisha Ltd. (those using fluorescent lighting) and Taisei Corporation (those using LED lighting), while the Fujitsu group’s Akisai cloud services will be employed as the information and communication technology system.

The harvested vegetables - 3 The harvested vegetables - 4
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