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Company Profile

Company Outline

Company name M2 Solution Co., Ltd.
Address New Shinbashi Building #412, 2-16-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-0004
Telephone number 81-3-3500-5552
Fax number 81-3-3500-5559
Email address
Establishment February 1998
Inauguration of business December 1998
Capital 10 million yen
Representative director Tsuneo Tozawa
Licensed real estate appraiser and registered real estate broker
Registration Japan Association of Real Estate Appraisers
Tokyo Real Estate Association
Main line of business (1) Coordination of indoor farming businesses (overseas)
(2) Brokering of real estate transactions

Biography of Representative Director

Date of birth October 14, 1953 (Born in Tokyo)
April 1977
Join Nippon Express Co., Ltd. (Head Office, Shikoku Heavy Haulage and Construction Branch)
April 1982
Temporarily assigned to Nittsu Research Institute and Consulting
(Technology Consulting Department, Logistics Consulting Department)
March 1985
Leave Nippon Express Co., Ltd.
October 1986
Pass the second-phase test of the National Examination for Licensed Real Property Appraisers
November 1986
Join the Japan Real Estate Institute
December 1989
Pass the third phase test of the National Examination for Licensed Real Property Appraisers
November 1990
Leave the Japan Real Estate Institute
December 1990
Start working at Nihon Fudosan Co., Ltd. as full-time contract employee
November 1998
Leave Nihon Fudosan Co., Ltd. upon completion of the employment contract
December 1998
Establish Shorai Keikaku, a limited liability company
October 2005
Reorganize the company and change the name to Real Plan Co., Ltd.
August 2006
Change the company name to M2 Solution Co., Ltd.
July 2009
Relocate the office (from Shinbashi 5-chome to the present location)
May 2010
Launch plant factory coordination business
Membership Japan Association of Real Estate Appraisers, Japan Association for Real Estate Sciences, Japan Association of Land Law, Tokyo Real Estate Association

Real Property Business

You may get a better price for your land suitable for condominium construction by conducting a mini bidding.
We offer a limited scope of brokerage services for land sales as shown below.

Geographic areas:
Tokyo, Kawasaki (Kanagawa Prefecture), and Yokohama (Kanagawa Prefecture)
Size of land:
Land upon which a building with a total floor area of 1,000 tsubo* or more can be constructed (*1 tsubo is approximately equal to 3.3 square meters)
Ownership rights only
Please make a prior appointment for a meeting via email at the following
Landowner or his or her representative is asked to visit us in person.
3% of sales amount plus consumption taxes
Mitsubishi Jisho Residence Co., Ltd., Tokyu Land Corporation, Secom Homelife Company Ltd., Sumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd., Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Meiwa Estate Co., Ltd.
Mini bidding
A mini bidding will be conducted if we receive an offer to buy from more than one of the above three developers.

If you have surplus funds from land sales, you may invest in our indoor faming business.

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